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Life: Rebooted, the Zen of letting go

Ok, ok, I’ve been really bad with blogging as of late, err, as of always. Anyway, I went to Greece (Mykonos) for my birthday, a most unexpected and wonderful trip! But the purpose of writing this isn’t to talk about the trip. While I was there, I was forced to live on minimal internet and disconnect from the world. This caused a great deal of anxiety at first, but I really didn’t have a choice in the matter.

(C) Joshua Plant 2010

Six days were spend doing nothing. NOTHING! I went on several adventures driving around the island because I love memorizing roads and new places (odd, I know…), save for that, I sat at the pool or beach and meditated for six days. When I was in England later that week, it hit me that I had an overwhelmingly strong sense of mental peace and contentment.

Upon returning to the US, it was clear to me that I had to stop everything. I had to relinquish all the bullshit I put myself through and let go of 99% of my projects. However, as soon as I let go of them, I was overwhelmed with a plethora of new ones–the difference being, I am enjoying these and have clearly stated my work/life limits.

Work aside: Without searching, I have been finding all these new blogs on the topic of Zen Buddhism and minimalist living. Then, I happened upon this book: The Simple Guide to a Minimalist Life [], it has been really interesting and helpful with clearing out the overabundance of bullshit in my life. Thankfully, when I moved to New York City several years ago, I threw everything I owned out and came with only the bare necessities.

I still own nothing, and have very little attachment to the few things I do own. So, I am at a crossroad as to what I do now… Do I leave New York? Do I stay? How do I move forward? I do not have any answers, but everyday I am trimming my emotional baggage and the attachment to things from my life.

“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.” – Seneca

Today is a new day. Life: Rebooted