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Life: Rebooted, the Zen of letting go

Ok, ok, I’ve been really bad with blogging as of late, err, as of always. Anyway, I went to Greece (Mykonos) for my birthday, a most unexpected and wonderful trip! But the purpose of writing this isn’t to talk about the trip. While I was there, I was forced to live on minimal internet and disconnect from the world. This caused a great deal of anxiety at first, but I really didn’t have a choice in the matter.

(C) Joshua Plant 2010

Six days were spend doing nothing. NOTHING! I went on several adventures driving around the island because I love memorizing roads and new places (odd, I know…), save for that, I sat at the pool or beach and meditated for six days. When I was in England later that week, it hit me that I had an overwhelmingly strong sense of mental peace and contentment.

Upon returning to the US, it was clear to me that I had to stop everything. I had to relinquish all the bullshit I put myself through and let go of 99% of my projects. However, as soon as I let go of them, I was overwhelmed with a plethora of new ones–the difference being, I am enjoying these and have clearly stated my work/life limits.

Work aside: Without searching, I have been finding all these new blogs on the topic of Zen Buddhism and minimalist living. Then, I happened upon this book: The Simple Guide to a Minimalist Life [], it has been really interesting and helpful with clearing out the overabundance of bullshit in my life. Thankfully, when I moved to New York City several years ago, I threw everything I owned out and came with only the bare necessities.

I still own nothing, and have very little attachment to the few things I do own. So, I am at a crossroad as to what I do now… Do I leave New York? Do I stay? How do I move forward? I do not have any answers, but everyday I am trimming my emotional baggage and the attachment to things from my life.

“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.” – Seneca

Today is a new day. Life: Rebooted


Birthday bash in San Fran

The Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge

As the title suggests, I spent my birthday in San Francisco! This has now become an annual tradition, to point on a map and say ‘that is where my birthday will take place!’ After a great flight on Virgin America from JFK to SFO we arrived at my party epicenter. We stayed with Jen’s cousin in San Jose, which made the trip all the better!

From biking across the Golden Gate Bridge to running in the Pacific in Carmel-By-The-Sea, it was the best birthday by far!

I hope you enjoy the pictures!