An open letter to Apple, Inc.


Dear Apple,

What were you thinking? You have presented yet another failed Keynote speech. It is beyond me why you keep taking steps backwards. Listen to your consumers! Your chokehold on the market will, inevitably, slip if you do not smarten up.

Remember the first generation iPhone? That was a disaster. Over two years after the debut of the iPhone, arguably the world’s most sophisticated mobile phone, users are finally getting to use technology that became ubiquitous in 2002: MMS. This fact boggles my mind to this day. I needn’t mention the laundry list of basic functions that were omitted from the iPhone and were only achievable via third-party installers.

Now, on the ever-auspicious September 9, 2009, you release a new iPod Nano with a camera, when logically, and what shareholders/consumers wanted, this should have been an iPod Touch. Yet again, you dumbfound me with your complete and utter oblivious nature.

My hope is that Apple will rise again as a great and customer oriented company.

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